Hello world! My new blog

Welcome to my new blog…

A blog but why ? There are a lot of interesting blog yet and who are you ?

ok ok.. Right. But my goal is not to be the best blog ever, with all subject treated etc. but just a blog with my websion (web and vision = websion) of what happens in the world(s). IT world, developer world, politics world…

It should be a fun post I loved and I wanna share, it should be a personal project I launched and I wanna your comments, It should be politics articles, IT stuff or just my moment mood.

If you wanna know who I am, just subscribe to my rss feeds, follow me on twitter, or/and fork me on git.. give me money, pay me a beer, offer me huge holiday in paradise island… ok I stop.

I will try (that it’s false) to be conscientious and posted regularly new content. If you see I don’t, let me know.

Welcome to jb’s blog.


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