To begin, a poll to know which Flex version you use

That is a question I’m trying to answer.

What is the best to use for a personal project when you want a well designed application.

Actually, I’m not a designer and what I like with flex 3 is the possibility to build a well designed application without lot of knowledge in design. It’s really easy to have a beautiful web or desktop application just in changing some properties or doing some CSS.

With Flex 4 is not the same. Have you already try it ? The basic spark theme is flat, ugly, it looks like old OS. It’s not easy to make a correct design in this version if you are not a designer, or never used CS tools. You have to create skins classes and CSS file etc.

“Spark offers designers and developers a seamless way to customize the visuals and behaviors of a Flex component in a much more direct and effortless manner.” [A brief overview of the Spark architecture and component set]

In the case of you want to develop a Flex4 project, do you need a designer ? Are you agree with that ?

I’m already hearing the guys: “But you can use mx components in Flex4..” Ok so why I shall use Flex4 ?

To finish, which version of flex do you use for your personal project ?

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