Kill the n-segment display

Enough ! n-segment display is everywhere for year. I will prove it, but first, do you know what n-segment display is ?

I think pictures are better than long text :

Alarm clock

Or another example :

Yes it is a segment display…

Ok know let’s see someting cool I had when I was a child.

Spell “kill the n-segment display”

So you see now what the n-segment display is. An old school way to display digit and letters with segment ! It was genius. According to Wikipedia, 7-segments display was patented in 1908 ! And it became famous in 70’s.So more than 40 years ago. N stand for different kind of this technology, improvements that allow to display digit and letters with better shape. So there are 7-segments, 14-segments and 16-segments display. The worst with this kind of display is when one bar die. We lost all information, nothing is more incomprehensible than n-segment display that lost one segment.

And you can have a look is not over, everyday we buy brand new stuff that display information in that way.

Let’s see few example :

microwave display

Microwave is not that old appliances that continue to use 7-segments display.

a brand new alarm clock

Such a revolutionary new alarm clock…

Ferrari dashboard

How much do you think cost a Ferrari ? How much do you think cost a small screen ?

That is good enough to replace our ugly n-segment display.

So I think it’s time to innovate in screen and display, and I think about having a smooth digit alarm clock, a smooth digit TV decoder, a smooth display what you want. No more 7-segment display, square digit and square letters please, it’s too ugly.

For years, and more now with smartphone, we can choose the way we will wake up, alarm ringtone, radio, CD, mp3, light, bird,etc. We can choose the color of all our appliances (not sure), the shape etc, but nobody allow us to choose the display device. It could be nice to have choices of the font in our display, as soon as you don’t choose this one !

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