Meetings = Pollution, Be green.

Meetings is a subject that come often in work management topic. As It was the subject of my previous post, meetings is another kind of distraction.

Meeting = pollution is not talking you that you should never do meetings, but avoid it as much as you can. We are all confronted to this everyday, like pollution be more conscious, be more responsible, and use a green approach.

Be thrifty

Are you this kind of employee, who spend day long in chaining meetings? Do you feel like you don’t have time to do your job because of lack of time? it’s surely impossible for you to stop doing meeting, so don’t spend too much time in meeting. The first thing you can do is being thrifty with your time. You can start fabricate rules for your meetings to save time. First of them, always time-box your meetings for what you really needs. Time box it before entering in the meeting, never more than an hour. Use a timer, and give you box to conclude. Another way to save time, it’s to invite only people you really need to meet, no more guess that make you lose your time. BE THRIFTY !

Don’t print this email

As I said, the best way to communicate information in agile company, it’s to talk face to face. So if you have to use email, it’s now. Send meeting invitation, every time. Take time to let you guess know what will be discuss, the purpose of the meeting, when it will be and how long it will take, what do you/they need to work on prior of this meeting, etc. All the details will be included in this email. If you can’t write this email, maybe you don’t need this meeting. This email can save you long time in meeting just because people will know the subject and will be fair enough ready to jump on the subject right after the beginning. If it’s a weekly meeting, you also have to write this email with the agenda. Let’s people know they can reply to this email with ideas and solutions prior to the meeting happen. Sometimes, it will save you a meeting.

Sort your waste

I have too many time, spent hours in meetings that no more discuss the subject that matter. It arrive every time. So, sort your waste. If someone go in the wrong direction, let him know you understand his/her point but you will discuss this, after the meeting. There is no reason to not doing that. Remember, your meetings are time-boxed, you can’t loose time with subject that no matter.


Now that you have save few days of meeting, you don’t want spent your day planning them and preparing them. Recycle ! Use what you have done before. It’s important to prepare a meetings, you are in charge of others time for the moment they enter in your meeting. So yes, it means you have to prepare it well. Reuse what have worked, and trow what don’t.

The green approach adapted in work it’s a good way to save time, money, and increase productivity in your company. I hope you will choose to be green, not only in your work be also in your life.

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