Kill Table

Use list, grid whatever you like but please don’t use table to display content.. table is good for number only ! and for Excel… widely use by marketing, sales and financial department.

Be sure nobody will enjoy having to squeeze content in a table. Cells are height depending with row, and width depending on the width of your screen (scrolling table is not even conceivable/possible here). As now, screen are often use in portrait (mobile and tablet is more and more use to surf the web) than in landscape be sure your table is useless and definitely not enjoyable.

To convince you, please think about having your Facebook wall as a table… or your Twitter Timeline as a table…

do you enjoy it.. if so, go back to your number ūüėČ

Actually there are still some tools that use table as a main components.

Email client :

Payroll software :

Stock management system, Order management system, etc… but be sure they can be reinvented to be more effective.

For example, here is a cool example for email client :

At the end, it will always depend on the nature of content you have to display, but avoid table the most you can. There are not efficient in displaying data, prefer lists, grids, are all other ways you can find. That’s my thinking.


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