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Agile x

I think everybody ear once about agile. It’s a term used in many ways to define something cool. True ? It’s bit like Lean.

But here we will attach to define agile in company scope. I will base this post on the agile manifesto and there 12 principles.

What is a agile company ?

An agile company deliver frequently, and preferably on short cycle, functionalities with strong business value to customers, investors, users, and/or agent, responding to changes, even late in the development, in order to give a competitive  advantage to the product.

What’s an agile team ?

An agile team is self organized, motivated and evolve in a trust environment. The team exchange in a daily face-to-face conversation in order to convey information between business people and production team to maintain a sustainable development pace. “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.”

What’s an agile product ?

An agile product is simple, originated from best practices and best architecture concepts to support late changes and the cycle of development and delivering. “It’s the primary measure of progress”


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